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Dalit Women – Inclusive Growth

Dalit Sthree Sakthi organizes itsState Annual Conferences in a big way with gathering of dalit women from the target area. This time, the 12th Annual Conference of DSS was held in both the states on the theme of “Dalit Women – Inclusive Growth”.

Andhra PradeshAnnual State Conference was held on 22nd February 2018 at Ambedkar Bhavan, Vijayawada, while the Telangana state convention was held at Ravindra Bharathi Conference Hall, Hyderabad on 6th March 2018.

Every year, Annual General Body meet is conducted to boost the self-esteem of the members and leaders of women collectives of the villages. They will be travelling to the venue from their villages and the very fact of going to a distant place to attend a meeting gives lot of exposure to them. At the venue the dalit women will have the opportunity of interacting with each other. Annual conferences are always held on a theme and the gathering is educated on the theme with high level dignitaries as speakers.

Andhra Pradesh: Eminent personalities attended the conference and inspired the dalit women gathering.The dignitaries were Sri Kaki Sunitha, Principal Secretary, Women & Child Welfare

Department, Sri ByraKoteswararao, Director of Prosecutions, Sri V Anuradha, DE & B Manikyam, DE, APTRANSCO, PSN

Murthy, IDAS(VR), Founder President, Ambedkar Mission, Fr P. Thomas, Director, Social Service Centre, Vijayawada. All the dignitaries first garlanded the statues of Dr BR Ambedkar, Buddha and Jagjivanram and then occupied their respective seats on the dais.

Daniel Vijay Prakash, National Program Manager of DSS introduced about the theme of annual conference and explained the need for inclusive growth. Jhansi Geddam, National Convener of DSS in her inaugural speech highlighted the tasks taken up and achievements during the year 2017.

All the speakers commended the work of Dalit Sthree Sakthi’s and their commitment in rendering justice to dalit women and girl children in all aspects.

The posters of campaign against domestic violence were released in the state conference by Fr Thomas, Director of Social Service Centre. Similarly, the 12th Annual report in Telugu was released by Sri Kaki Sunitha IAS, Secretary women & Child Welfare Department of AP.

Telangana State:The 12th State conference of Dalit Sthree Sakthi for the state of Telangana was held on 6th March 2018 on the same theme “Dalit Women – Inclusive Growth” at

conference Hall, Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad. The dignitaries on the dais were Sri K Ramulu, Member, National SC Commission, Sri Murali IAS, Tara Chand, General Manager, BSNL, Sri Siva Baghya Rao, Managing Director of Sneha Groups, Dr Pushpa Chakrapani, Professor, DBRAOU, Dr Aruna Gogulamanda, writer, Sri G Shankar, General Secretary, All India SC/ST Welfare Association, Dr Siddoji Rao, Officers Forum/ Help Desk, Sri Sumitra, Director, Ankuram. Jhansi Geddam, National Convener of DSS presided the conference and Sri Danial Vijay Prakash, National Program Manager of DSS outlined the theme of the annual conference.12th Annual Report in English was released by Sri Ramulu, Member, NCSC

At both the state conferences the speakers enlightened the audience about what is inclusive growth and how to achieve it. The important points that the speakers highlighted are summed up as follows:

  • It is an arduous task to run a dalit women organization for 12 years consistently and with commitment and DSS deserves all praise for successfully organizing and mainstreaming dalit women and girl children for such a long period.

  • Dalit women should get educated without exception.

  • The personnel of the administration lack the concept of social justice and it is necessary to inculcate the concept in them.

  • Dr.B.R. Ambedkar paved the way for women equality and during those days only he attempted to reform laws for the equality of women. He organized women and guided them to struggle for their rights.

  • In some districts the administrative heads like district collectors and superintendents of police are very passive and acting as per the dictates of local caste and political leaders. This should be ended and the administration should follow the ideology of Dr.B.R. Ambedkar.

  • It is necessaryto get the dalit women and girl children educated without exception. They should be sensitized about health and hygiene also.

  • DSS sensitized the dalit women to stand up and question all types of domination and trained them to live with dignity and self-respect.

  • Dalit women should come out of the status of receiving end and should transform to the level of dictating things.

  • Till now the men defined and prescribed how and what a dalit women should do, speak or act. Henceforth, the dalit women should become self-conscious and be able to decide for themselves what to do, speak or act.

  • Women should be included in every aspect of social, political and economic life of the country.

  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar said that the progress and development of a society should be estimated on the basis of the progress of the women of that society. The dalit women should realize the importance of this and come forward to be part of the social, economic and political growth of the country.

  • The study done by CESS has revealed that the violence on women has increased by 7%. The mother needs to take nutritious food when is pregnant and give the same to the child until 3 years. Due to the lack of nutritious food the growth inSC, ST children is not proper.

  • One of the main reason for the violence on dalits and women is that they have become assertive.

  • We need to promote gender equality

  • The fruits of development have to reach all sectors equally

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