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Trainings to Women Collective Leaders and Team

Training to Women Collective leaders

A one-day training for the Women Collective leaders and youth was organized on 27th April 2018 at Chiguru Training centre, Vijayawada. The training was given on SC, ST (PoA) Act and Rules with the help of power point presentation. GDV Prakash explained the Act and its clauses with examples. Jhansi Geddam detailed the Rules in depth and she also explained in brief the gender issues.

After the morning session the girl children from different schools have burst out and spelled their sufferings, discrimination and harassment in the schools from the teachers. It has been decided to take those issues to the notice of the Collector and ensure necessary action.

Training to Women Collective Leaders

Training to 40 Women Collective Leaders was held on 27th July at Conference Hall, Viceroy, Guntur. Sri Devatoti Naga Raju Member – State SC Development Council has participated as the chief guest. Addressing the participants, he reiterated the prominent role played by DSS for the advent of SCSP/TSP Act. He said we all are from a very poor economic background and it is very important that we become Entrepreneurs and Payback to the society. He detailed about various government schemes meant for the dalit women through SC Corporation and Industries Department. He explained the procedure to apply, the documents needed and gave assurance that he will strive his best to get the loans sanctioned to the eligible DSS Women Collective leaders.

In the post lunch session, the participants were divided into groups, discussions were made on the units to be started by each, the experience in the relevant field, asset management, etc. The other point shared are as follows:

· In villages often, we quarrel with our neighbours, it is because of poverty and not because of enmity

· Need to change our mindsets and that is one of the main reasons for our, under development

· As leaders we need to respond on the issues, monitor the educational institutions to curtail the discriminative practices and ensure qualitative childhood

· Knowledge gives courage, makes the people to give respect for us, therefore we all need to gain knowledge

· Explaining about the gender concepts the women were asked to leave age old informer social norms and treat the children equally, with out any gender imbalances.

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