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About US


A society in which dalit women and girl children have real equality, dignity, rights
and equitable share in resources.



To preserve, protect and enhance the rights and entitlements of dalit women and girl children to capacitate them to fight against caste, class and gender oppression.


Vision-Mission Anchor
Objectives Anchor

To capacitate the dalit women and girl children with knowledge and skills to fight against untouchability, discrimination, inter and intra community violence and to access justice.
To access quality education for dalit girl children and make them potential leaders.
To support and facilitate dalit women to access rights and entitlements.
To establish linkages with like minded dalit and women organizations, networks and movements at state, national and international levels to influence polices and strategies related to dalit women and girl children.
To document and publish stories and case studies of resilience and leadership among dalit women and girl children


We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


DSS has been working among the dalit women and girl children at the grass root level in the face of all odds, with the objective of empowering dalit women, as they constitute the thrice oppressed. Despite constitutional proclamation of equality, feudal vestiges continue to dominate the mindset of the society at large and the State institutions as well. Hence, all activities of DSS have been geared to transform this unfortunate dalit reality and towards this end DSS embarked up on the programme of facilitating the dalit women and girl children to fight for their rights and entitlements.  All the activities are designed in such a way to democratize and sensitize the state apparatus and society in general towards the issues of dalit women and girl children. Due to the sustained efforts of DSS, the dalit women have now grown up as leaders, approach the police officials, question them about the injustice and discuss about their rights and are able to demand justice.

OUR Programs

Thematic Areas Anchor

Under the auspices of UN Women, International Campaign against Violence on Women is conducted regularly every year. UN Call for an active campaign world over on this theme for 16 days, starting from 25th November and culminating on 10th December Human Rights Day. All activist organizations world over responds to this call of UN and conduct campaign for 16 days and sensitize the society against all forms of violence on women. Dalit Sthree Sakthi responds to this UN call every year and conducts campaign on the theme of violence against women.

Gender Campaign



Oppression, untouchability, poverty, illiteracy are all intertwined and constitute one vicious circle, where one leads to and forms the basis of the other in the chain. In addition to the caste/gender violence, the dalit women and girl child face domestic violence of the worst sort. This chain of vicious circle has to be broken with a multi-pronged approach and the efforts should be to realize the objective of mainstreaming the dalit women and girl children into potential rights activists, leaders and entrepreneurs.


Round Table Conferences
Public Hearings

Public Hearings and Round Table Conferences are conducted almost every year to focus the plight of the victims in accessing justice and the apathy of the justice administration system. They are organized at district and state level involving victims & witnesses, higher officials of all concerned departments of the Government, Commissions, Advocates, Social Activists, reputed intellectuals of state and national eminence and media. All these years, Public Hearings served the purpose of accessing justice to the victims, sensitizing the officials and public at large through media.


Significant Days
Annual Conferences

Every organization, governments and other institutions annually celebrate certain important days like, International Women’s Day, Ambedkar Jayanthi etc. DSS devised a novel way of campaigning on a theme as part of celebrating these important days to make them more relevant to the dalit women.

Annual Conferences is an opportune moment for all the activists to meet across the districts and both the Telugu states to share their experiences. Every year, DSS organizes Annual Conferences, which would be like a mass carnival of dalit women.


Youth Campaigns

DSS has been engaged in regular motivation camps to youth and girl children in schools and colleges. Due to influence of media, particularly internet, mobile phones with WhatsApp, Facebook and other applications, the youth are spending, rather fiddling away, lot of time in net and apps. While a majority are thus wasting time, quite a few are abusing the mobile and net for watching porno and sending obscene messages, photos etc to girls.


Girl Children

In modern period, from19 century onwards, every nation developed a new understanding of children, their protection and development and the role of the State in this regard. Now, in the era of human rights discourse, it is universally accepted by all that childhood is the period of joyful and healthy growth along with learning. Recognizing the need to safeguard and protect the children everywhere, the UN adopted child rights convention which guarantees safeguards for happy and healthy childhood for every child and confers various rights on them.


Ratha Yathra

Conducting RadhaYatra as a campaign method is not uncommon in India. Almost all leaders of political parties went around the country/state in this type of RadhaYatra in luxurious buses, vans to reach to the people and campaign their programmes, manifestos etc. But none from rights organizations, conducted this type of RadhaYatra to campaign on rights themes. DSS had taken up this novel and effective programme and conducted RadhaYatras on a regular basis, campaigning on various themes concerning the rights of dalit women and girl children.



Assertion for rights inspires to grow and be independent economically and economic independence boosts self-assertion. Both are intertwined and one strengthens the other. Hence it is necessary to devise plans for economic independence of dalit women by enlightening them and motivating them to demand for various entitlements. DSS has been insisting for the implementation of SC Sub Plan and Tribal Sub Plan and has raised its demand for equal budget to dalit Adivasi women. It played an active role in getting the SCSP/TSP Act in the year 2013. DSS has translated the Act into local language and campaigned continuously in all its villages.



No rights organization can function in isolation and DSS doesn't subscribe to the notion of isolated functioning. In fact, the chief objective of DSS is to sensitize and mobilize the support of all sections of population at the State, National and International levels, to the dalit women movement for rights and justice. In the past 15 years DSS could focus the dalit women question on the agenda of all, through its campaigns, public hearings, public meetings, protest actions and other activities.

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