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Youth camps

Motivation of Youth is Schools, Hostels & Colleges

DSS has been engaged in regular motivation camps to youth and girl children in schools and colleges. Due to influence of media, particularly internet, mobile phones with WhatsApp, Facebook and other applications, the youth are spending, rather fiddling away, lot of time in net and apps. While a majority are thus wasting time, quite a few are abusing the mobile and net for watching porno and sending obscene messages, photos etc to girls. Cheating girls, taking her nude photos/videos and uploading them to net or blackmailing them with the threat of uploading etc type crimes are increasing and, in most cases, it is youth and college students. In Mumbai, students of X class gang raped a girl in their class, videoed the rape act and uploaded it in WhatsApp. This can’t be dismissed as an isolated or rare event, but is tip of the iceberg beneath the carpet. A bit lesser but similar crimes occurred in multitude. We may have to witness much more shocking news in the coming years, if adolescent and youth force is not channelized properly. Likewise, the youth, even from middle class, studying B.Tech etc., are resorting to thefts, chain snatchings etc for making easy money  for luxurious spending. Going to pubs, drink and drugs party in secluded areas with girls is becoming common in metropolitan cities like Hyderabad. Girls are also falling into this type of activities and developing desires for luxurious way of life and consumer goods, like smart phone, tablet, various electronic goods etc. Inspired by such desires they are falling prey to cheaters who promise everything and exploit the girls sexually. Instances of cheating in the name of love are increasing year after year, in all of which young girls are becoming victims.

There is no organization or governmental programme to concentrate on the youth and motivate them on right path. DSS had taken up inspiring and motivating the adolescents and youth in a big way on a continuous basis. DSS conducted youth motivation camps in colleges, schools and hostels, explained the adolescents and youth the pros and cons of consumerism, the evil effects of drugs, alcoholism, the need to transform personal and family financial situation through hard work, entrepreneurship and other right means. They were inspired with the live examples of successful person in various fields and also the great leaders in the past who contributed to the nation. The youth were explained the shame they and their family will have to face if they are involved in criminal or anti-social activity. It is necessary also to make the youth understand that no one can escape by doing a wrongful act and will have to face bitter consequences for thoughtless acts if done in temptation.

DSS was able to involve 75,975 youth and adolescents in these motivation camps and was able to tell them everything in a participatory manner, with proper modules and methodology. So far DSS conducted camps continuously in various colleges/educational institutions in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The students were explained various aspects of leading a rightful life for their personal and national welfare. All our camps were appreciated by the concerned college managements.

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