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Trainings to Youth Leaders

Training to Youth

A two-day training was organized on 28th & 29th March 2018 at KolpingTraining Centre, Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh for 50 girls and boys. Jhansi Geddam, National Convener of DSS, GDV Prakash, National Program Manager and National Coordinator of DSS, and Satya Amancherla were the resource persons.

The training was started honoring Dr.B.R. Ambedkar’s photo with a garland by Jhansi Geddam. The topics covered in these two days are the present scenario of the youth, career opportunities in the globalized world, ways forward, personality development, gender sensitization. The details are as follows:

1. Low socio-economic strata are one of the reasons for backwardness of our youth.

2. Tending more towards the movies and cini actors, lingering in that myth, thus spoiling their education and future

3. Youth are the back bone for the nation and they should travel in the right direction

4. Dalit youth are lacking communication skills and knowledge due to the denial of quality education.

5. Methods of learning and balancing the emotions in the life.

6. Be optimistic, build good perspective, prioritize the goal and have a firm determination to achieve the aspiration.

7. Live a meaningful life practice good and healthy habits, inculcate stress management and strive for achieving the objective.

8. Be confident, work independently and live a quality life.

9. The exclusion and marginalization of girls is pushing them into subordinate position.

10. Each and every aspect to be viewed in gender lens

11. Develop radical thinking and look for amicable solutions.

12. Develop values and skills

13. Acquire a taste for learning throughout life

14. Develop critical thinking

15. Understand sustainability concepts and issues

The youth have participated very enthusiastically and were very responsive on both days. It has been decided to organize a two-day training program on the Acts and other thematic areas.

Training to Youth

DSS has organized a one-day training on SCSP/TSP Act to 40 youth on 10th April 2018 at Ambedkar, Phule Bhavan at Malkipuram of East Godavari district. The resource persons were Jhansi Geddam, Jaya Babu, Addl Director of District Industries Centre and Daniel Vijay Prakash. Jhansi Geddam detailed about the dalit movement for the advent of the SCSP/TSP Act and has requested by youth to come forward to utilize the funds under the Act. She also explained about the banking system and the hurdles faced from the bankers in sanction of the loans. Later Jayababu detailed about various schemes, subsidies and the procedure to be followed for accessing the loans and subsidy. GDV Prakash explained about the Act the disbursement of budget under the Act to various departments and the minimum norms to be followed in allocating the budgets. He also detailed about DICCI and promised to link up with them for promoting entrepreneurship.

The participants gained good knowledge and questions from the floor were encouraging and many of their doubts were clarified.

Training to youth leaders

Training to the youth leaders was held on 25th June at conference hall, Viceroy, Guntur. 40 youth participated in the training and they were given in puts in SCSP/TSP Act, Gender and personality development. Dr Siddoji Rao Convener of Officers Forum was one of the resource persons. The aspects covered are as follows:

· Key aspects for preparing to civils such as the books from 6th to 10th standard which are basic, general science, English and mathematics.

· General science is nothing but to know about the world

· English to study the world

· Mathematic is to understand the world better

· Specialization in one subject is to show as a specialist

· Knowing all the subjects is known as a generalist

· The basic principle every one needs to follow is that in which ever field and stage we are. We should be the topper in performance, quality and subject

· Lack of knowledge and clarity leads to low profile

· We need to have subject, should be of hard working nature and able to express in a proper way

· Opportunity costs, means once we want some thing we need to lose another thing

· Cost benefit means which benefits us the best.

· Explaining about the carrier guidance one should work hard for the first 16 years and he/she will lead a happy life for the other 50 years if not, they will suffer.

· One should possess knowledge, responsibility and character therefore Ambedkar became world famous

· One should not indulge into illegal, immoral, corrupt and selfish things. We should possess democratic culture and scientific spirit

· We should be a philosopher, enlighten scholar and visionary

· Personality development means rights and responsibilities. The one who balances the both is called balance personality, the one who talks about only rights is called negative personality and the one to talks about only responsibility is called positive personality as it involves hard work, risk and sacrifice.

· Responsibility means owning things and doing things happily

· To be happy we need to limit our comfort zone. Therefore, we need to have a better understanding of basics, comfort and luxury

In the session on Gender Concepts the participants were explained about various aspects involved in Gender. The society has assigned certain things/words based on gender, for instance “timid is assigned to feminine and brevity to masculine”. Explaining that it starts from the house itself and one should possess Gender Perception in every aspect and perceive all aspects in Gender Lens. The details are as follows:

· Who should clean children?

· Who shouldn’t sweep the house?

· Why shouldn’t women go out alone?

· Whose permission should wives take to go out?

· Who needs good food?

· Who makes the decisions for the family? Why?

Lack of gender perspective is leading to more than half of the violence in this sphere. For example, it is a custom that women should sweep the house. Men feel that it is ‘women’s work’ and women feel that men shouldn’t do and cannot do the ‘women’s works’ with efficiency. Lack of gender perspective, men won’t do such works; women won’t allow them to do. When one has gender perspective, they would give it a thought as for why only women should sweep the house. Then they would understand that it is only an age-old practice which doesn’t have any logical backup. We, as leaders have to internalize gender concept and then only we can bring about a change in the future generation, be it the society or the children. The ideology and thought process of each individual is different. It is only when the ideology is same and the perspectives match; all can work together towards common goal.

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