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Ambedkar Birth Anniversary CelebrationsRound Table Conference on Save India from Manuvadis

On the eve of Dr B R Ambedkar’s 126th birth anniversary and in view of the recent Supreme Court judgement against SC, ST (PoA) Act, Dalit Sthree Sakthi in association with Officers Forum has organized a round table conference on 13th April 2018 at Telugu University,

Nampally, Hyderabad. The conference was presided over by Jhansi Geddam and the other dignitaries on the dais were Sri Vinod, IFS, Rtd Ambassador to Germany, Sri Nimma Narayana, Rtd Judge, Senior High court advocates Raghunadh, Sudhakar, Ramana, Murali, Srinivas, Sumathi, Prof Vagesh from NALSAR university and Prof Sudarshan from Nizams college, Bharat Bhushan IRTS & Dr Siddoji Rao from officer’s forum, Employee associations representatives’ G Shankar, Prem Kumar, Yadagiri, Mahesh from RPI and various organizations heads have participated. GDV Prakash, Program Manager of DSS has briefed about the objective of the conference and shared the experiences of DSS in the implementation of the Act through DVMC and other concerned

departments. Jhansi Geddam, explaining about the judgement has said that the judges have over looked many things in the implementation of the Act and have taken into consideration the acquittals stating them as false cases.

  • The concerns of the participants:

  • The Legislature to bring an ordinance on the implementation of the Act quashing the Supreme court judgement.

  • To include the SC, ST (PoA) Act in the 9th schedule of Indian Constitution.

  • In the SC, ST (PoA) Act of 1989 the government recognized 15 forms of atrocities and it has gone to 36 in the amended Act, which clearly states that the atrocities have increased much more .

  • The accused asked the supreme court for quash whereas the judges gave stay on the ActThe same judges in July 2017 have given judgement paralyzing the implementation of 498A.This judgement shows the indifferent attitude of judges.

  • The higher judiciary are caste and class biased and against reservationsThe Supreme court has become saffronized. This judgement is one sided, lopsided and anti-dalit.

  • The dalits are not in a position to approach the police stations and lodge a complaint, whereas the supreme court has said that the Act is being misused.

  • The supreme court judges have failed to look into the violations a.t grassroot level. If we notice in the Special Courts, we can clearly see how each and everyone tries to dilute the case.

  • Since long arrests have been stopped due to the interpretation of Supreme Court.

  • The government and the judiciary are playing dual role.

  • Reservations to be implemented in higher judiciary.

  • A longitudinal study on the implementation of the Act has to be done.

  • The appointments of the judges to be done through judicial academy instead of collegium.

Action Plan

  • To organize a Public Hearing with Progressive Supreme Court Judges .

  • To organize people’s tribunal at national level.

  • To campaign intensively at gross root level.

  • To burn the supreme court judgement in public in as many places possible.

  • To file review petition in the Supreme court.

Protest Against Supreme Court Judgement on 14th April

On the eve of Ambedkar Jayanthi, Dalit Stree Sakthi along with various Dalit organizations protested against Supreme Court Judgement on April 14th 2018 at Ambedkar Statue,Tank

Bund, Hyderabad. The representatives of various dalit organizations have assembled at Ambedkar statue, garlanded the statue and raised slogans against the supreme court judgement. A banner displaying SAVE INDIA – Protest against unlawful verdict of Supreme Court on SC, ST (PoA) Act organised by voice of Ambedkarites. The organizers explained about the protest and later lit the copy of the judgement. The participants in the protest were Jhansi Geddam, Sri Vinod, IFS, Sri Nimma Narayana, Raghunadh, Sudhakar, Prof Sobha Rani, SDJM Prasad, Dr Siddoji Rao, Yadagiri, Mahesh, Satya CamaJabali, Vijaya Kumari, Hema Latha,Kalpana, GDV Prakash, Triveni, Srikala and others. Various slogans were given condemning the supreme court judgement which has caught the attention of the public and as well as the media. The slogans: Save India from Manuvadis, impeach the judges, save constitution, Dalit rights are human rights, Include SC, ST PoA Act in Schedule 9 of Indian Constitution, Union government to bring an ordinance.

Constitution of India: Reality

On the eve of Dr B R Ambedkar’s 126th birth anniversary celebrations, Dalit Sthree Sakthi has organized a conference on “Constitution of India: Reality” on 17th April 2018 at SC Corporation Hall, Guntur. The women collective leaders of DSS have assembled in hundreds at the

Ambedkar statue, Lodge centre, Guntur, garlanded the statue and gave slogans protesting the Supreme court judgement which have touched the skies. The copies of Supreme Court judgements were lit and a rally was organized. Later all the women collective leaders have reached the conference hall. The dignitaries on the dais were Jus. K G Shankar, Rtd High Court Judge, Sri Tirupal, Addl SP, Crimes, Sri Syam Sundari, Project Director, W & C W Dept, Prof ASubrahmanyam,Rtd Dean of Law, Jhansi Geddam and GDV Prakash. The photos of Ambedkar and Savitribai Phule were garlanded.

The highlights of the dignitaries’ speeches are as follows:

  • Ambedkar never expected that the politicians and the judges would behave so mean and become corrupt.

  • Politics have become gentlemen’s game

  • Art 32 is considered as the heart of the constitution and it has been discarded

  • The Indian Constitution has been formulated in Indian Context and the constitution given by Ambedkar in 1950s has become invisible at present

  • To include the SC, ST (PoA) Act in IX Schedule

  • There is no cordial relationship between judiciary and the government

  • We don’t have adequate machinery and courts for the implementation of the law

  • The situation has aroused to a state that parameters have to be formulated for attaining justice

  • Ambedkar was the first person to raise in the parliament on the rights of women such as Uniform Civil Code, Ancient Hindu law and progressive laws. Due to strong resentment, Ambedkar resigned for his minister post.

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