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DSS conducted Youth Camps on 2nd July 2021 in the villages of Tenali and Pedakakani mandals, with children. Jhansi Geddam, National Convener of DSS and State Coordinators of A.P. and Telangana State, Ms.Hemalatha and Ms.Bhagya Lakshmi attended these youth camps and inspired the children with their speeches. Children participated in the camps enthusiastically and interacted with DSS team.

Jhansi Geddam enquired the children about their situation which as narrated by them is very horrible.As children they are missing classes and education due to the closure of schools.They are unable to join together and play due to covid restrictions of maintaining physical distance.They are missing food provided in the schools and in most of the families due to poverty and loss of earnings, the family is unable to feed them properly.

There is no online facility in most of the places and even when it is available also, the children have no smart phones. In some instances, a few grown up children who have smart phones, they are using it for watching porno and other vicious programmes and not for learning. She suggested that the elders should intervene and see that the books in the local village library are distributed to the children and see that they read the books.

The women collective leaders of the respective area participated in the camps. Mary Nirmala, Sujatha, Samrajyam, Prasanthi, Santosh, Manohar and other participated.

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