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Awareness Camps

DSS conducted awareness camps in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State on 1st July and 6th July 2021. The villages covered are:Katevaram, Nandivelugu, BongaralaBeedu (Guntur slum) in Guntur district and other villages and slums in Guntur district. In Hyderabad district: Veer Nagar, Chintal Basti, AC Guards. In all the awareness camps, Dalit women of the villages and slums participated.

Jhansi Geddam, National Convener of DSS, AP & Telangana State Coordinators, Ms. Hemalatha and Ms. Bhagya Lakshmi attended and spoke in all these awareness camps.Due to lock-down and restrictions on public movement due to Covid-19 second wave the dalit women were facing lot of difficulties in earning for their livelihood.The Convener enquired and learnt the difficulties of the women in these villages.The dalit women explained their owes of

making both ends meet. They lamented that they are unable to find work and earn minimum for just living. They expressed that,’ it is with great difficulty that we are keeping alive’. They further narrated that: ‘due to closure of schools, our children are unable to have daily food and are having whatever we are able to provide, which is not nutritious. Further, due to lack of education children are spending the whole day in wasteful activities. As we don’t have facility of Wi-Fi/internet/smart phone/laptop, we are unable to engage our children in online classes. Thus, the children are deprived of food and education.

After learning all the difficulties and the prevailing situation from the people at villages and

slums, Jhansi spoke to the villagers.She said, that this Covid-19 has disarrayed everyone and all sections of people.But the rich and dominant caste people are able to sustain and continue their liveswithout much difficulty, as they have savings of money and property, but it is

only the poor and Dalitsthat are facing lot of difficulty in making both ends meet.

She advised the women to be careful about how they spend time during Covid-19 lock-down.Due to lock-down most of the women are addicted to watching TV and neglecting children, thereby allowing children to indulge in mischievous activities without study or useful activities.She motivated

women with the sayings of Ambedkar who suggested that women should gain knowledge of the situation and about themselves and try to grow with self-identity. She further pointed out how the Covid times has contributed for the growth of domestic violence, child marriages, kidnaps and rapes of children. It is necessary to be conscious of these developments and guard against all vicious culture.

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