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National Youth Day

National Youth Day was celebrated in Shabad, Ranga Reddy district on January 10th 2016, in the office of the Mandal Parishad.Youth, students from various colleges and schools gathered at the meeting.First, the participants garlanded the photo of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.Ms. Geddam Jhansi, spoke on the occasion. She called upon the youth to come out of the vicious culture

of all sorts and work for national building. It is the responsibility of the youth to strive for equality and development and this is possible only if they set a goal and work hard to achieve the goal. Such a concerted effort on the part of the youth will bring prosperity to the nation. But this can be done if the youth analyse the society and free themselves from consumerist culture and western vicious culture of sex, drugs etc.

Telangana State Co-ordinator, BhagyaLaxmi spoke on the occasion and explained about various laws and activities of DSS in the area.

Flag hoisting

Later in the evening another meet was conducted in a village, Yelgondaguda of

of Shabadmandal where the Ambedkar Youth Association constructed a pedestal with a pole for flag hoisting.The blue flag was hoisted on the occasion.Jhansi Geddam addressed the gathering and called upon the villagers to be united and struggle for rights and entitlements.She explained to them the thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar for the advancement of depressed sections.

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