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Youth Camps

Youth Camps were conducted by DSS in Vivekananda Junior and Degree College; Sri Chaitanya Junior and Degree College, Government Junior & Degree College, ZPHS for Girls, ZPHS for Boys, Model School in Chevella of Ranga Reddy district;in Government Girls High School, Social Welfare Hostel in SamajikaParivarthana Bhavan, Social Welfare Hostel in Rajagarithota, SMTPKHR Government High School at KBR Stadium and SKS Municipal High School in Guntur of Guntur district. The principals of the concerned schools have presided over the youth camps and the team members of DSS Jhansi Geddam, National Convener; GDV Prakash, National Program Manager; Samantha Flami, B. Bhagya Lakshmi, State Coordinator of Telangana stateand K. Vijaya Kumari, Co-ordinator of Guntur district have addressed the students. The teachers and the students have participated actively and there was very good interaction between with the students and DSS team.

DSS team interacted with students of schools and colleges as they are the future generation that would shape the nation. The team asked the students the reason why most of them are not scoring good percentage. The reason is the absence of conducive environment in the society, family and educational institutions to the children, hence students are easily falling prey of vicious culture. Instead of taking movie heroes and heroines as role-models, the students should take leaders like Jhansi Lakshmi Bai, Sardar Valla Bai Patel, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, etc., as inspiration. Vicious culture from movies, internet is making students addicted to drugs, porn or get into extra-marital relation at very young ages. This is the age to be loved by parents, teachers and not the age to fall in love. As the students are educated, they have the responsibility to put it to best use to correct their friends who are traveling in wrong path, fathers who consume alcohol or mother who watches TV serials.

There is misery, troubles, problems and vicious culture in the society. The poor are more vulnerable to this culture which is toiling their future. In order to eradicate these negativities completely and for the society to flourish without caste, class and gender discriminations, we all need to work together on the route causes, evolve proper systems for the future generations of the society. To achieve their goal, the students have to concentrate completely on studies and become IAS, IPS officers, educationalists, scientists, industrialists. To achieve this, the students were advised to prepare a time-table at home including their studies, extra-curricular activities and domestic chores so that they can make optimum use of time. The team wished them to succeed in their lives.There was good response from the principals and the teaching staff of the educational institutions on the awareness campaigns. They expressed a feeling that the students require regular interactions like this to keep them reminding of their goals. The degree colleges asked if DSS can provide trainings to their students on the vicious culture with concerned legal provisions.

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