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Indian Republic – Proclamations and Realities

Dalit Sthree Sakthi along with SC, STIAS, IPS Officers Forum/Help Desk organised 72years Republic day celebrations on 26th January 2021 at Sundaraiah Vignana Kendram on the theme of “Indian Republic – Proclamations and Realities”. The meeting was presided by Dr. Siddoji Rao, Convener, Help Desk while the opening speech was delivered by Jhansi Geddam, National Convenor, Dalit Sthree Sakhi. The main speakers at the meeting were Sri P.S.N Murthy, IDAS(VR), Prof. K. Y Ratnam,HCU, Prof. Sudhakar Babu, HCU, Sri. Vinaya Kala, OSD, TSWREIS, Sri Vanajakshi, Industrialist, Women Collective leaders and representatives of various organisations participated.

Sri Siddoji Rao spoke about the theme and said that people are mostly unconscious of their

rights and are steeped in traditional and superstitious way of life. Scientific perspectives and modern way of life has to be cultivated by the people and constitution helps in modern way of life. It was Dr. B R Ambedkar who wrote the constitution and declared India as Democratic and Sovereign republic.

Sri PSN Murthy said that Constitution should be respected and it is more sacred than Bible,

Bhagavad Gita and Quran. Political leaders and all officials should serve the people in accordance with the constitution. Constitution belongs to the entire people and not just to the majority. Freedom of speech, right to life are the basic fundamental rights.

Prof. Ratnam from Central University explained that republic means a representative government of all the people. He lamented that the Right to Equality provided by

Dr B R Ambedkar is not implemented anywhere now. He said that Dr. K R Narayanan, in 2002, expressed the feelings that the country is being run against the constitution. Today, the situation is bleak and nobody knows where the country being ledinto. He called upon the people to observe the constitution in letter and spirit.

Sri Vanajakshi and Vinaya Kala called upon the backward castes and oppressed sections to develop economically and liberate themselves.

Sri Jhansi Geddam, Convenor of Dalit Sthree Sakthi opined that Dalits and Women have not so far tasted the fruits of Democracy. It is necessary to eradicate the inequalities based on caste and religion. She motivated the dalit women to come forward to protect the Constitution.

State Coordinator of Telangana, SriBhagya Lakshmi presented vote of thanks while the state Coordinatorof Andhra Pradesh, M. Hemalatha, Hyderabad Coordinator Hemalatha, WC leaders Rukmini, Laxmi, Anitha, Sunitha, Keerthanaand dalit women leaders participated in the meeting.

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