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Campaign on Ambedkar - Women

On the eve of the 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar DSS has organized a campaign in the form of Padayatra in its villages across both the states. The campaign was on the theme “Ambedkar – Women” and it was launched on 1st April at Ranga Reddy district and was concluded on 14th April 2016 at Hyderabad with a public meeting.

The launching meeting was held in Manmarry village of Shabadmandal in Ranga Reddy. Sri PSN Murthy IDAS (VR) has flagged the Padayatra by waving DSS flag. The Padayatra team

lead by the National Convener of DSS Jhansi Geddam rounded the village with a mammoth rally. The slogans and Ambedkar songs touched the skies and was applauded. Later Ambedkar statue was garlanded by PSN Murthy, Jhansi Geddam and others followed by a public meeting. Throughout the day a series of meetings were held in every village amidst hot sun and even the public have participated enthusiastically in more numbers.

The concept given by the speakers during the Padayatra is as follows:

  • Ambedkar’s perspective towards women was highlighted stressing that he has fought for the rights of all women irrespective of caste.

  • Regarding children the mothers were enlightened on the care to be taken right from womb as the brain starts growing from the womb till the baby is three years old

  • Ambedkar was the first one to speak on the reservations for women and the Hindu Code Bill introduced by him was opposed in the parliament. Dejected over the matter he has resigned.Since then couldn’t get through the reservation bill for women.

  • Women should get empowered, support each other, become active in all aspects, should be on the forefront in all sectors, come to politics, consolidate their votes and capture political power

  • Men were requested to leave liquor as much of our income is being spent for it and similarly the government is earning 100s of crores every year on from the liquor consumed. Therefore the men need to spend the same amount towards the education of their children.

  • Ambedkar’s thought is the only way for socio –economic and political empowerment in our country

  • Men and women need to work to attain sustainability

  • Men and women need to have cordial relationship which benefits the growth of children

  • The Indian Constitution given by Ambedkar says about the equality of women and men. The inequality of women & men is like caste chauvinism and religious bigotry

  • Ambedkar spoke on the disparities in the society and castes and also said about the root causes for these inequalities.

  • Ambedkar moved the women with patriarchy thinking/ideology towards Rights

  • The movement of Education to Women initiated by Phule was brought on to the forefront by Ambedkar

  • Ambedkar said that the poor should be created access to all the natural resources and equal opportunities

  • Ambedkar said to the women “you should know that you are in distress” and it will help you to come out of it.

  • We need to change our dressing style and one should respect us accordingly

  • We should break the bonds of slavery, command self-respect and attain self-reliance

  • Women should form into forces and attain political power

  • The provisions of the constitution made by Ambedkar have lead for SCSP/TSP Act enabling the SCs and STs for economic entitlement. The Act has given way for infrastructural development and economic empowerment of individuals.

  • After the meeting at Manmarry, the campaign team proceeded in four vehicles to the

other villages organizing public meetings, press meets, garlanding Ambedkar statues etc. The elected representatives of Panchayat Raj such as Sarpanches, MPTC & ZPTC members have actively participated in the campaign and public meetings. The villages covered district wise are as follows:

The padayatrawas held for 2 days each in the districts of Ranga Reddy, Guntur, East Godavari, Krishna and Hyderabad covering 107 villages& 29 slums spread over 47 mandals.

Ranga Reddy:Bodampahad, Shabad, Yelgondaguda, Charlaguda, Nagarguda, Pothugal, Sitarampuram, Machanpalli, Dusurkuntathanda, Chandanvelli andRudravaram,Gundala, Kandawada, Kummera, Chenvelli, RegadiGhanapur, Khanapur, Alluru, Antharam, Mominpet,Siripuram etc.

Guntur:Bongaralabeedu, Gaddipadu, Tarakaramanagar, Venkateswara Colony, Saradha Nagar, TSunduru, Emmanualpet, Swarnabharathi Nagar, Swarnaandhra Nagar, Uppalapadu, Chinnaravuru, Peddaravuru, Halfpet, Peddakakani, Takkelapadu, Namburu, Tadepalli,Mangalagirietc

East Godavari: Elvinpet, Rachelpet, Muggupeta, Vulundharpeta, Thallarevu, Moghalamuru, Sirigatlapalli, Godilanka, Veerannameraka, Allavarapupolam, Godi, Perururu, Gowthaminagar, Totlapallem, Ambajipeta, Vakalagaruvu, Thondavaram, Nandampudi, Eusukapudi, Mukkamala, Mosallapalli etc.

Krishna District:Kristurajupuram, Arulnagar, Pezzonipet, Wynchpet, Singhnagar, Prakasnagar, Vambay Colony, Krishnalanka, Ranigarithota, Greenlands, Agiripalli, Dayyampadu, Nuzvidu etc.

Hyderabad:Bolakpur, Maisammagudi, CC Nagar, DBR Mill, Arundhathi Nagar, Ambedkar Nagar, Jagjeevanram Nagar, Film Nagar, Bansilalpet, Gnanijailsingh Nagar, Thallabasthi, Qudbhullapur etc.

  • In every village the campaign team was received with warm welcome of drums, slogans and flowers

  • In all villages the women collective members felicitated the DSS national and state leaders with warm reception

  • DSS cultural team rose the emotions of the crowds, inspired them with its resounding songs and slogans all through the campaign

  • In many places the foundation stones were laid for Ambedkar statues and DSS flag posts.


  • The larger civil society was enlightened on Ambedkar’s thought towards the women

  • Awareness to men on the Ambedkar thought and sensitized them to carry forward the thought as Ambedkarite

  • Youth nurtured on Ambedkar’s thought and they have started the unionization process

  • Panchayatraj leaders got awareness on Ambedkar’s ideology and sensitized towards the cause

  • Village Women Collective leaders strengthened their leadership and hold in their respective villages

  • By and large the perspective levels were built among the communities.

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