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Awareness Campaign on Constitution of India - Ambedkar Jayanthi

In view of the need for protecting and strengthening democracy, DSS launched a campaign on spreading the knowledge of Constitution of India among the people of villages and slums in both the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The objective of the campaign is to impart a basic knowledge of the Constitution and inspire the public to learn deeply about the Constitution. Initially, it was planned to conduct the campaign for a week from 6th of April to 14th of April culminating on the birth anniversary of Dr.B.R. Ambedkar.


The campaign was launched on 6th April 2022 at 10.30 a.m. from Ambedkar statue on Tank Bund. DSS team and women collective leaders gathered at the Statue with flexis of the campaign and after garlanding Ambedkar statue, the campaign was formally launched. Banners portraying the

objectives of the campaign were displayed. The slogans coined for the purpose were: “Let us learn the Constitution and Protect Democracy”, “Let us Know the Constitution and Achieve Equality”. Ms. Bhagya Lakshmi, State Co-ordinator of Telangana State elucidated about the purpose of campaign and the schedule of the campaign. She said the campaign will be carried on in all the villages and slums of the working area of DSS. Then, Ms. Jhansi Geddam clarified to the gathering about the need to acquire the knowledge of Constitution. She said, Constitution of India is the basic law of the country and all laws,

regulations, government orders, institutions should be within the Constitutional framework. Entire administration from village level to the top, all government departments, police, all judicial institutions, should abide by the Constitution. Any act, orders or rules are invalid if they are in conflict with the Constitution.

After formal launching, the campaign was continued as per the schedule given below:

· 07-04-2022 - BJR Nagar, Khairtabad, Hyderabad.

· 08-04-2022 - RK Nagar, Erra Manzil, Hyderabad.

· 09-04-2022 - Gundala and Aluru villages, Ranga Reddy district.

· 10-04-2022 - Yeti raj Palli & Madi Reddy Palli, Vikarabad District.

· 11-04-2022 - Bobbili Gama, Bodampadu & Manmari villages, Ranga Reddy district.

· 12-04-2022 - Chenvelli, Ranga Reddy district.

· 13-04=2022 - Veer Nagar & Chintal Basti, Hyderabad.

Throughout the campaign the outlines of the Constitution were explained. It was clarified that

Constitution is the foundation of the country’s legislature, judiciary and executive systems. Constitution doesn’t belong to anyone and all are bound by the Constitution. Essential features of the Constitution were elucidated at all meetings. At all meetings, the local leaders, the village sarpanches, youth and women were involved.

On 14th April all team and women collective leaders assembled at Ambedkar statue along with the National Convener, Ms. Jhansi Geddam. Other dignitaries associated with DSS were: Sri. T. Gopal Rao, IAS(Retd.), Sri. A. Murali, IAS (Retd.), Sri. Siddoji Rao, Convener, IAS/IPS Officers Forum, Ms. Aruna, DICCI State President, representatives of DICCI and DSS women collective leaders.

Each one of the persons that assembled there garlanded the statue of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and raised slogans of ‘Jai Bheem’. After the garlanding session, a meeting of all DSS team and women collectives gathered at the office of DSS was held. With this meeting the campaign on constitution came to an end.

Andhra Pradesh:

Campaign on Constitution was launched in Andhra Pradesh on 7th April 2022 with the slogan, “Let us learn the Constitution and Protect Democracy”. DSS National Convener, Ms. Jhansi Geddam

launched the campaign by garlanding the statue of Dr.B.R. Ambedkar, at Lodge Centre, Guntur at about 10.30 a.m. on 7th April 2022. A.P. State Co-ordinator, Ms. Hemalatha and women collective leaders participated in the campaign launching event. Ms. Hemalatha spoke about the objectives of the programme and said that the campaign will be carried on in the villages and slums of DSS working area. National Convener, DSS, Ms. Jhansi Geddam explained the idea of Constitutional governance and need for everyone to know about the Constitution. She said that due to lack of knowledge of the Constitution, many people are taking it

for granted that the governments are supreme in taking any decision, whereas actually, the governments should work in accordance with the Constitution. She clarified to the gathering that all institutions of governance, including legislature and judiciary are bound by the Constitution. Hence it is necessary for everyone to have knowledge of at least the outlines of the Constitution. She said, that since the dalit women in the working area of DSS are more aware of their rights, important laws, it is necessary to impart the knowledge of Constitution, so that they can better work for strengthening democracy. She also spoke about gender equality, prohibition of untouchability and other aspects of equality that are enshrined in the Constitution of India. She said that if the implementation of Constitution fails it is only due to the lack of knowledge of people about the Constitution. It was suggested that Constitution should be introduced in the syllabus from the school level so that the children may be made aware of the concepts of equality, democracy etc.

After the launching programme the campaign continued as follows:

· 08-04-2022 - Pattabipuram, A.T. Agraharam, Guntur.

· 09-04-2022 - Nandivelugu & Katevaram, Tenali Mandal, Guntur district.

· 10-04-2022 - Kopalle & Angala Kuduru, Tenali Mandal, Guntur district.

· 11-04-2022 - Uppalapadu & Sangadigunta, Guntur.

· 12-04-2022 - Chitti Nagar & Ranigari Thota, Vijayawada.

· 13-04-2022 - Balaji Nagar, Vijayawada.

A.P. State Co-ordinator Ms Hemalatha led the campaign in all the above villages and urban slums.

At all place, the youth, dalit women collective leaders participated in the campaign. The local sarpanches were invited to take part in the meetings held at villages. Everywhere, the essential features of the Constitution, the relationship between various organs of the State and how they have to work within the framework of the Constitution have been explained.

On 14th April 2022 the State co-ordinator Ms. Hemalatha and women collective leaders gathered at Ambedkar statue at Lodge Centre and garlanded the statue. With the celebration of birth anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the campaign on the Constitution came to an end.

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