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A meeting of Telangana State Women Collective leaders was conducted on 09-02-2023 at the state office of Dalit Sthree Sakthi.  National Convener of DSS Ms. Jhansi Geddam presided over the meeting, while Ms. B. Bhaygyalakshmi coordinated the conduct of the meeting.   State Women Collective Leaders, Ms. Sumathi, Ms. Manju, Ms. Anitha, Ms. Hemalatha, Ms. Lakshmi, Ms. Sujatha attended the meeting.  The participants of the meeting discussed various aspects of the ongoing activities and planning of future activities.  The discussions were held on the following matters:


1)     Planning the State Conference, finalizing the speakers to be invited for the state conference, fixing venue and other aspects of organizing the conference.

2)     Review of the ongoing activities, particularly, the method of monitoring the schools, anganwadi centers and hostels.

3)     Fact findings of the ongoing cases that were taken up and follow up action of cases that were already addressed.

4)     Proposals were sent to a few funding agencies requesting support.  The modalities of continuing the activities until support is received from some agency was discussed.

5)     The problems of people living in slums of urban areas was discussed and the issues faced by them were identified.  It was decided that representations be prepared on the issues and approach the concerned authorities to resolve them.

6)     It was decided to organize the youth and discuss with them about their problems and educate them about vicious culture and how to be useful to community and society.

7)     The question of strengthening economic capacities of dalit women was discussed and it was felt necessary to have a meeting with DICCI to explore the opportunities of facilitating small businesses to the needy dalit women and raising bank loans.

8)     It was felt necessary to   address the issue of domestic violence and take necessary steps to increase the awareness of the community on this aspect.   Further, it was decided to educate the women and men to be free from vicious influences of vicious culture like, obsession with mobile phone, getting trapped with cheaters through Instagram chats etc.

Ms. Jhansi Geddam addressed the Women Collective Leaders and explained the financial situation of the organization due to lack of funding and told the women collective leaders to continuously conduct awareness camps in slums about their issues like drinking water, drainage etc.  She stressed the need to monitor the government schools and hostels for all basic facilities and represent to the concerned authorities for solving the problems.  Ms. Bhaygyalakshmi also spoke about the need to conduct awareness camps in slums and continually educate them. 

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