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Shramik Women-Self Employment

International Women’s Day was celebrated in theState of Telangana onMarch 8th on the topicShramik Women-Self Employmentat Visveswar Reddy Bhavan, Ranga Reddy district.Sri. B. Bhagya Lakshmi, State Co-ordinator of Telangana State, presided over the

programme. Jhansi Geddam National Convener of Dalit Sthree Sakthi attended the programme as Chief Guest while the speakers on the podium were:

Sri. Narvotham Reddy, Sarpanch of Peddamangalaram village, Sri Rajitha Deputy Sarpanch, Latha and Sumalatha MPTCs, Mallesh Divisional Manager of Citizen Development Organization and GDV Prakash Program Manager of Dalit Sthree Sakthi. Sri. Narvotham Reddy called upon the women to get educated and occupy all governmental and political positions on par with women. He said that women are not inferior to anyone and they can prove their capabilities if opportunities arise. He advised women to study and grab all available opportunities.

Sri. Jhansi Geddam, narrated the importance of the International Women’s Day and how hundred years ago the working-class women fought against oppressive working hours and achieved 8 hours working day. She explained how the women have been struggling for various rights in the history and how we achieved various rights that we enjoy now. She called upon the women to study the struggles of women and various women’s rights, instead of wasting time in watching TV serials.

She suggested that women should learn about the laws in the country concerning women like Domestic Violence law and follow the developments taking place in the country. Women should take care of the education of their children without leaving the entire burden on teachers. They should participate in the school management activities to see that the children get good education. The future of children depends on how we take care of them and mould them. Women should not only mould the children but also their husbands for a good family relationship. She advised women political leaders to gain knowledge and follow the day to day politics,identify the issues and resolve.

After her speech many women interacted and raised their problems, hurdles for moving towards work from the outside, domestic problems, financial problems etc.

Before the commencement of the meeting the organizers conducted games and sports for women on the eve of International Women’s Day. The winners of various events were given prizes by Jhansi Geddam.

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