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International Women’s Day Celebrations

On the eve International Women’s Day, DSS organised week-long campaign from 2nd March 2023 to 8th March 2023 and conducted awareness camps in villages, slums, schools, social welfare hostels.


Fever Hospital, Hyderabad

Telangana Medical and Health Employees Union (TM & HEU) organised International Women’s Day celebrations at Fever Hospital, Hyderabad.   Dr. K. Shankar, Superintendent of SRRIT & CD and Ms. Jhansi Geddam, DSS were the Chief Guest and Special Guest, respectively.  Other speakers were: Mr. N. Robert Bruce, State President, TM & HEU, Mr. J. Ashok, State General Secretary, TM & HEU, Ms. Haritha, Associate Professor, Mr. R. Chandra Sekher, Deputy RMO, Ms. Vijaya, Matron, Ms. Padmaja, Ms. Lavanya, Mr. Raju, Mr. Farooq leaders of the union participated in the celebrations.


Ms. Jhansi Geddam, explained in detail about the history and background of International Women’s Day.  She enlightened the audience about how the women valiantly fought for fair wages and 8

hours work leading to the recognition of women’s rights and declaration of International Women’s Day.  During the last 3 decades women’s movement has taken many strides.  Starting from Beijing conference women’s movement focussed on various of women and achieved many international covenants like CEDAW.  At the national level also, women movements are taking place at various levels and we have to understand the dynamics of these movements and consolidate the same.  She stressed the need for all women to be confident and assertive when it came to their rights.  Women should realise that they constitute half of the population and the other half are born to them, thus the whole world belongs to women only.  She pointed that these days women are working at home and outside, thereby affecting their health.  It is necessary for women to take care of their health and at the same time be watchful of the women’s struggles in the society and strengthen them.


International Women’s Day at Shadnagar

Nava Telangana Chaitanya Samithi, Shadnagar, organised International Women’s Day on 8th March 2023. The theme of the meeting was: “Protect the Constitution”, “Eradicate Alcoholism”, “Know the value of Vote”.  Mr. T. Narasaiah, founder of Nava Telangana Chaitanya Samithi, Ms. T. Anjamma, State President of Vennela Cultural Organisation organised and coordinated the meeting.  Ms. Jhansi Geddam, National Convener, DSS was the Chief Guest and Ms. Bhaygyalakshmi, State Coordinator, was Guest of Honor. 


Ms. Jhansi Geddam, elucidated the importance of International Women’s Day and called for transformation of existing gender inequities.  She explained various international and national women’s movements and various constitutional rights of women.  Referring to Constitution she

enlightened the audience about governance in accordance with the constitutional values.  She stressed that the people should be watchful about the implementation of the constitution and the need to protest whenever constitution is violated by the administration.   

She said, people sacrificed their lives and fought for separate statehood for Telangana with the hope of economic development and jobs, but the hopes of people are now belied.  It is necessary for the people to be vigilant and should not yield to the temptation’s money, caste etc and sell their vote.  If people are not vigilant and yield to the gimmicks of the political parties, the rulers will govern like kings and autocrats.  People of villages and women should consciously promote and support honest politicians and keep away corrupt and selfish politicians.  She reminded that International Women’s Day is an occasion for all women to recapitulate the struggles and achievements of the past and get ready for further advancements. 


Ms. Bhaygyalakshmi, recollected about the activities of DSS in the area and about how DSS has been regularly conducting awareness camps for enlightening women on gender equity, constitution and important laws.  She called up on the participants to shed outdated values of male domination and see the reality of women.  She appealed to all to take vow not to take money for vote. 



Gender Sensitization at Schools, Colleges and Social Welfare Hostels:


In addition to conducting the International Women’s Day functions at various places like, villages, slums etc, DSS always took care to educate children about the importance of rights of women and gender equity.  DSS has continuously been educating the children about gender oppression and making them aware from childhood itself about the need to realise about gender inequities that operate unconsciously on us.  These campaigns at schools are intended to impress not only the girl children but the boys who are influenced by TV/movies and social media.  It is necessary to free the male children from the gender bias that they cultivate unconsciously due to social influence.  Further, the campaigns at schools/colleges and other educational institutions help in spreading awareness among the staff also.     


Meetings in Slums:

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