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Society – Role of Youth

On the eve of Independence Day DSS organized conference on “Society – Role of Youth” in two states i.e Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on 15th August 2014.

Telangana: In this state the conference was conducted in Muncipal Office, Vikarabad at Ranga Reddy District. The meeting was started with Ambedkar songs and Dr B R Ambedkar photo was honored with a garland. The speakers were namely Nagarjuna Reddy – District TRS President, Anjaiah – Ambedkar Union District President, Jagadesh – RTC Union leader, Ananthaiah and Prabhakar – Ambedkar Youth Presidents, Laxmi – DWC, Sagar Rani and Swapna Coordinators of DSS. The meeting was chaired by BhagyaLaxmi – State Coordinator of Telangana. In her presidential address she focused on the responsibility and contribution of the youth to their own communities, to stand united and fight for justice to the dalit community. She requested the youth to respond for activities which benefit them socially and economically. She reiterated that DSS has been working for the empowerment of dalit women, children and youth. Everyone should collectively work for the development of dalit community. In unity we can achieve anything. She assured that DSS is ever ready to support dalit community in their problems but the community also joins their hands together.

The other speakers on the daisappreciated the selfless work of DSS for the empowerment of dalit women, youth and community. The speakers focused on the importance of education to an individual especially for dalit children which is necessary and compulsory.

Education is the strong weapon which makes a person well settled in their life. Unity is the strength of the any community. The youth are the main resources for the better progress of dalit communities. The youth should come forward to unite the dalit youth and fight against discrimination. First of all the youth should prohibit all kinds of bad habits and be responsible to build casteless, classless and genderless society. They also focused on the vulnerable conditions of SC and ST hostels in which the students are not provided with quality and sufficient food.

The dignitaries on the dais and the participants have pledged to fight against the discrimination and the social evils in order to main stream the dalit youth. The conference was ended with the vote of thanks by District Women Collective Leader Ms. Laxmi.

Andhra Pradesh: In the state of Andhra Pradesh the conference was organized in CBCNC High school ground in Kakinada on 15th August. The meeting was started with Ambedkar songs and Dr B R Ambedkar photo was garlanded. Meeting was chaired by Raja Mani– State Coordinator. The CBCNC organization President Dr M Ratnakumar was the chief guest and dignitaries on the dais were High Court Advocate D Sudhakar and District Women Collective Members. Rajamani in her presidential speech said that today is very prominent day and many of our leaders died for independence of our country. In the freedom fight many dalits especially dalit women played a major role, but they were never recognized. In the present situation the entire country is ruined with lot of evils. The youth are the back bone for the country and that’s why youth should play a main role and bring change in the society.

Other dignitaries on the dais appreciated DSS work and have said that the youth have an important role to be played for main streaming our community. There is every need for all of us to come together and fight against the social evils in order to protect our community. They also told that DSS is only one organization to work for dalit women and youth. Let us all support DSS in its endeavor.

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