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Awareness Camps in Educational Institutions

Dalit Sthree Sakthi has organized Awareness meetings in educational institutions to create awareness among them and enlighten them on viscous culture, discrimination and gender aspects. The awareness Camps were organized in the months of November & December 2017 in both the Telugu States. The principals of the concerned schools have presided over the youth camps. The teachers and the students have participated actively and there was very good interaction between with the students and DSS team. All these youth camps were addressed by Jhansi Geddam – National Convener and GDV Prakash – Programme Manager.

Jhansi Geddam, said that DSS team often interacts with students of schools and colleges as they are the future generation and backbone of the nation.She said that we need to go ahead according to the constitution and need to perceive things irrespective of class, caste and gender. She said that the youth constitute a huge percentage in our country’s population and they are the symbol for power, energy, skill, enthusiasm, innovation etc. A nation having all this is considered to be a strong and wealthy nation, whereas, unfortunately that’s not the case with our country.

She said that the children have left their homes, parents, villages and came all the way to study. As said by the students, if it is hard work that fetches good marks then there should be a reason why all students are not scoring good marks. Therefore, the students need to check for the reasons. Striving hard and going for higher studies enables them to get good jobs and thus better social and economic status.

At homes, parents struggle to manage their own children, to manage such huge number of students in schools is not an easy task for teachers. Teachers invest all their energies on the students. Above all making everyone perform well is not so easy for the teachers. Being a teacher is strenuous in all aspects. She asked them to say the names of some of the present top heroes and heroines. There was immediate response from the students in loudly. Later she asked to name some of the national leaders. The response from the students was very mild and they could say the names of very few leaders. Jhansi said that the students instead of respecting teachers, are making fun of them.This is learnt by them from movies, where making fun of teachers is portrayed as heroism.Children think the roles played by the heroes and heroines are true and is applicable in real lives.The children should know that it is not the movie actors but the leaders who work for the society are real heroes.The autobiographies of great leaders like Dr. BR Ambedkar, Sardar Valla Bhai Patel, Jyothi Rao Phule, Jawahar Lal Nehru should be read and imbibed in their lives.Students should walk in the paths paved by them.On the contrary, as it is easily accessible, the students are dreaming of the movie heroes

and heroines, choosing the ways shown in movies.

It is true that the society is not able to provide conducive environment as the students have said honestly in the beginning of the interaction. The social, political, economic, educational and all other systems in the society are not according to the standards. The responsibility of changing these systems lies on present generations. For the present generation to be good, the present systems in the society have to be good. But the fact is that they are all fraudulent and have become a burden on the children confusing them in choosing their paths.

There is misery, troubles, problems and vicious culture in the society.This is prevalent in the poor and downtrodden communities.In order to eradicate these negativities completely and for the society to flourish without caste, class and gender discriminations, proper systems should be established by these future generations for the students.To achieve this goal, the students have to concentrate completely on studies and become IAS, IPS officers, educationalists, scientists, industrialists.The discrimination in the society is so evident that, in many educational institutions when DSS is conducting youth camps, girl and boy students are made to sit separately.Afraid of the vicious culture and gender based discrimination, teachers are afraid to make them sit together.To overcome this vicious culture and differentiate between the good and bad in society, students should read about the lives of great leaders.The present generation has a sharp brain which is being used more on negativity.If the students learn to put their thoughts in a positive way, they can change the negativities of

human relations. This makes it possible for them to take good care of their parents, have a happy family and thus a happy society.

GDV Prakash said that in most of the educational institutions water and sanitary facilities are not good, quality of food is low, proper infrastructure is lacking, and so on. Students should immerse in their studies ‘24 x 7’, in such a way that they should forget the outer world. Along with their text books, they should read other books that teach them about great leaders, general knowledge and the society. Reading about Dr. BR Ambedkar would help them understand his struggles to rise to the position he was in. He did not have the minimum facilities that the present students have. To address the issues that students are facing now, they should become IAS officers, so that they can change the society. Girl children have problem in every walk of life; there is no safety for them anywhere. To overcome this, they should become IPS officers and safeguard the society. It is only these students who can bring a change in the society. She concluded her interaction blessing all the students.

The principal and teachers of all the schools felt happy and have said that the awareness sessions be arranged at regular intervals so that we can bring a change in the students. They thanked DSS team and requested them to organize these programs in future.

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